Adoptees Giving Back - Orphanage Service Trips
(ages 15+)

Do you know what hope is? Do you know what love is?

AGBOST Trip Fee: $1100/traveler

A Trip of the Heart

An opportunity some can only dream of – giving back to the orphans still waiting in the orphanages.

Adopteen’s service trips to China give adoptees a unique opportunity to return to China and explore their motherland with their peers while working in orphanages and serving the orphans left behind. This is truly a special trip, where the “come-full-circle” impact of giving love back to those children still in orphanages is life-changing. Like all Adopteen programs, adult presence is minimal and group activities and breakout sessions help keep the Adopteen focus of building teamwork, leadership, trust and friendship.

Traveling on the AGBOST is by invitation only. Please see below for details on the application process:

All applications require the following (links will be posted when applications open):

  • Read and sign the Letter to Parents/Guardian (only required if you are under 18).
  • Read and sign the Letter to Travelers.
  • Think very carefully about and obtain contact information for THREE references (contacted by Adopteen, no letter needed).
  • Fill out the Self Assessment Questionnaire.
  • Once you have the above, fill out and submit the online application form (open in December 2018) and pay a $50 application fee.
  • After submitting the online application, we will contact you to set up a 30 minute video interview to be held shortly after the application deadline.

Basic Information

Led by Adopteen Co-Director Amy Zhong and accompanied by an adoption therapist, this 10-day trip will not only allow you to experience a bit of China's heritage, but will, most importantly, provide the invaluable opportunity to volunteer at an orphange – holding and feeding babies, teaching older kids English, playing fun games with children with special needs, decorating nursery rooms, and much more!

To get an idea of what our AGBOST trips typically look like, take a look at a typical Summer AGBOST Trip Itinerary: Summer AGBOST Itinerary

Visit our Facebook page to see photos from past trips!